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International Conference


Powerful Learning Environments

and Theologizing & Philosophizing with Children


International Conference Children’s Theology 2011

Theological University Kampen (PThU) The Netherlands


 Internationale Conferentie Kindertheologie ...


Expert Conference April 4th – April 7th 2011

Theologizing with Children and Philosophizing with Children are two concepts of high interest in various educational discussions all over Europe.

In 2009 the first International Conference on Children's Theology toke place with participants from 11 countries. In the well known ‘Religionspädagogisches Institut of Loccum' they shared perspectives on learning processes and dealt with questions of values and (ultimate) meaning in children’s views. Against the background of different societies it turned out to be crucial to understand that subject orientation goes hand in hand with democratic learning in theological and philosophical conversations with children. This inspiring discussion with experts from many parts of East and West Europe shall be continued in Kampen, the Netherlands, next year.


Theologizing with Children includes having theological conversations with children, in which they develop ‘theology of children’ while the adult conversation partners support this process by so-called ‘theology for children’. In terms of a given stimulus, Philosophizing with Children also endeavours the design and development of powerful learning environments including inspiring arrangements of approaches, contents and materials to enter and promote meaningful and authentic learning processes.


The second international conference in Kampen 2011 will focus on real practice by dealing particularly with concepts and materials which play an important role to foster children’s experiences and children’s thinking on theological and philosophical questions.

The importance of powerful impulses, i.e., good media, evocative materials or ‘incentives’ has been shown in the field of general didactics as well as in the field of Religious Education (A gift to the child, Godly play, etc.) This applies to virtual media as well as to analogue media. Questions and beliefs are not only expressed by discourse language but also by images and symbols, artefacts and stories – whether they are of explicit religious or cultural profane character.

Open Conference: April 7th 2011

The expert conference also includes an open conference day on Thursday, April 7th, 2011. The members of the International Network are looking forward to share concepts and good practice with Dutch counterparts: lecturers in RE, teachers in primary education, representatives of national organisations and others who are interested in the development of Religious Education in general and in the new perspectives of Theologizing and Philosophizing with Children in particular.

The Open Conference will start with a basic orientation on the relation of Theologizing and Philosophizing with Children and subsequent developmental perspectives. The second half of the open conference offers an attractive range of five workshops about special issues with respect to Theologizing and Philosophizing with Children.

Fee & Registration

The Open Conference Fee / 60 Euros, includes: single day admission and documentation map, coffee breaks, luncheon buffet and refreshments. Registration at the Open Conference is required of all external attendees. Registration has been opened from September 1th, 2010.

Please sign in by sending a mail to Dr. Henk Kuindersma PThU Kampen. Subsequently you will receive a registration form.

In order to guarantee that you will be included in the attendees list, you are invited to react early. For logistic reasons only the first 50 registrations can be accepted.



  • Committee International Conference Children's Theology - Kampen 2011. Henk Kuindersma, Johan Valstar, Katharina Kammeyer, Friedhelm Kraft



Complete Schedule PThU 2011.jpg


Download the final programme with the complete schedule of the International Expert Conference and the Open Studiedag at PThU Kampen. [Pdf. 1.5 MB]